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Why is XC so great!

Cross country (XC) is unique in that it is an individual sport and a team sport. XC has a strong team element as usually 7 members of a team score in a race, whether that is a Varsity or JV race. This provides the right atmosphere for team camaraderie and cooperation both in training runs and races. Individually, the sport is like no other, save track, in that it gives the opportunity for measurable improvements throughout the course of a season or year whether that is the #1 runner or a newcomer to running. While coaches look for consistency in performance, times often speak for themselves and performances take much of the bias out of coaching.

What equipment do I need
Good news! XC is not an expensive sport! here is what you should have! 

Item  Reason Resource/Link
Proper Running Shoes XC requires 20-50 miles of running per week.  Pacers Running Store

Potomac River Running
Running Watch Most runs in XC are based on time Ironman
Water Bottle Required by Covid & good idea anyway 30oz Water bottle example
Towel For stretching and mobility drills (will be on ground) see local stores or Amazon
Racing Flats/Spikes For more experienced runners - returners -  Examples: 
Saucony Kilkenny
Nike Rival XC
New Balance XC 900
Stretch Rope Allows for deeper stretching and better self stretching Wharton Rope can also rope at Home depot 7ft.

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