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Team News

2 months ago @ 5:23PM

State Meet Entries.


VHSL Group 5A/6A State Outdoor T&F Championships: Fairfax Entries

**Meet website:

**First event in which an FHS athlete is competing is Boys Triple Jump (Friday at 1PM).

**Coach Wilson will be leaving FHS at 8am on Friday, June 1st, with a county van that can hold up to 6 passengers.  The first 6 athletes to contact the coach get the seats.  Trip to Todd Stadium is 3+ hours, with a quick stop/break.

**The hotel is Microtel Inn, 501 Operations Dr, Newport News, VA 23602 (757.249.8355).


Group 6A Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
- Relay Team A

0) Decker Barborek  5) Marcus Dropik  0) Justin Hatchett  0) Zahir Saiyed  0) Curtrell Trott  

Group 6A Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
- Barborek, Decker 39.09
Group 6A Boys 400 Meter Dash
- Barborek, Decker 49.20
- Hatchett, Justin 49.63
Group 6A Boys 800 Meter Run
- Dropik, Marcus 1:58.74
Group 6A Boys Discus
- Wilkins, Nathaniel 130-2
Group 6A Boys Pole Vault
- Barborek, Decker 13-6
Group 6A Boys Triple Jump
- Agossou, Marc 44-4.75
Group 6A Girls 100 Meter Dash
- Lawson, Alexandra 12.36
Group 6A Girls 200 Meter Dash
- Lawson, Alexandra 25.07
- McCall, Trinity 25.35
Group 6A Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
- Lawson, Alexandra 44.63
Group 6A Girls 400 Meter Dash
- McCall, Trinity 57.27
Group 6A Girls Shot Put
- Curlee, Kyla 36-7



Team News

4 months ago @ 9:57AM

Today, Tomorrow, Spring Break & Beyond



With these missed practice days, I will not have a time trial tomorrow (Friday).  That however, might make your Spring Break a little less fun.  Time trials for the first meets (Quad & Legard Relays) will be on the Tuesday that you return to school.


Thursday, March 22nd—cross-train, lift, run…basically your choice, as long as you get some kind of physical activity.

Friday, March 23rd—regular practice, after school. “Some” plyo’s; Speed endurance/lactate tolerance…250 & 350’s.

Spring Break workouts—I’ll make them simple, so that you can do them wherever you are during break.  There are, however, more meters than we would normally do, given that you might be training on your own, which leads to diminished ability to have the highest quality reps.  So, you’ll have to endure the quantity, if you are sacrificing the quality.

**Rotate these three workouts over the 10 days: 1) Speed (10x70M); 2) Speed endurance (10x150M); and 3) Lactate tolerance (5x400M).  Regarding breaks, goal times, percentage of effort, etc., simply run them like you would at practice (hard runs, breaks on roughly a 1:3 work:rest ratio).

If you have access to weights, LIFT at least 3 times over the course of the break.  Do some of the basic lifts we do at practice—squats, deadlifts, glue raises, and LOTS OF CORE WORK!

Time Trials—April 3rd (determines Varsity/JV teams)

Quad Meet (West Springfield HS)—April 4th

Legard Relays (Woodson HS)—April 7th

(Regarding the Quad Meet, because we haven’t had a tune-up meet yet, it would be a great venue for ALL athletes, including varsity, to participate.)


Team News

4 months ago @ 10:00PM

Distance Workouts over Spring Break


Sat 3/24: 25-30 min run

Sun 3/25: 40-60 min run

Mon 3/26:  15 min warmup, drills, buildups, 8x200m at mile pace w/200m jog, 1 mile easy, 4x400m at mile pace w/400m jog, 1 mile warmdown.  If you can't get to a track, go for a 45 min run and include 8x1 min surges with 2-3 min easy recovery in between. 

Tue 3/27:  30-40 min run, abs, upper body exercises

Wed 3/28: 30-40 min run, abs, upper body exercises

Thu 3/29:  15 min warmup, drills, buildups, 3x200m at mile pace w/200m jog, 3x400m at mile pace w/400m jog, 3x600m at mile pace w/600m jog, 1 mile warmdown.  If you can't get to a track, go for a 45-55 min run and include 8x2 min surges with 2-3 min easy recovery in between. lower leg exercises

Fri 3/30: 25-35 min run, abs, upper body exercises

Sat 3/31: 50-70 min run, preferably on a hilly trail

Sun 4/1:  20-30 min run, abs

Mon 4/2:  4:00-5:30 at FHS.  15 min warmup, drills, buildups, 4x200m at 800 pace w/400m jog, 1 mile easy, 4x200m at 800 pace w/400m jog, 1 mile warmdown, abs, lower leg exercises


Team News

6 months ago @ 1:48PM

Register for Spring Track & Field!!


If you plan on trying out for the team, please fill out the following short form.  Copy & paste the link.

This is the coaches' team member information database--used for all notices, announcements, and management of the team.  You must be on this list, to be considered for the team!


Team News

6 months ago @ 6:45AM

Tryout Schedule & Practice Times


Tryouts & Making the Team.

1.  February 20-22, 2018--tryouts & assessments (100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M, Overhead Shot Throw).  Please note that everyone does every assessment, unless one of the coaches excuses you.  Coaches need the numbers to be able to assess where to place athletes on the team, and how to train them.

For athletes trying to make the team in the throws, and only in the throws, here are the minimum standards during tryout week assessments.  Overhead Shot Throw--Girls (25'), Boys (35').

Here are the minimum standards for athletes to be considered for making the Outdoor Track & Field Team in the running events.  


100m Dash

200m Dash

400m Dash

800m Run

1600m Run













*Athletes must be able to make at least 2 standards for Varsity, and 1 for JV (achievement of standards does not automatically guarantee placement on the team)





**All times & distances during assessments/tryout week will be used to rank you on the team, in that event(s).

2.  February 25--Varsity & JV Squads FINALIZED AND ANNOUNCED.  For the Outdoor season, the team will be comprised of as many athletes as the coaches believe they can work with and achieve competitive results.  This typically is no more than 35 boys and 35 girls.

3.  Practice is 3:30-5:30pm, every day (including holidays and spring break), starting February 26.

***Please have your forms completed ON OR BEFORE the first day of practice.  If you do not have all of them completed, as well as register for the team, you will not be allowed to participate until you get those forms to the appropriate people.

The PHYSICAL goes to the Athletic Trainer.

CONCUSSION EDUCATION is done online by both the athlete AND a parent.

The EMERGENCY CARE CARD goes to Coach Wilson.



Team News

6 months ago @ 1:54PM

Track & Field Uses Remind Text Messages


Coach Wilson/Track & Field will use the Remind App to notify student-athletes and parents of late-breaking changes, pressing issues, as well as remind everyone of important upcoming events.

--to receive messages via text, text "@cgcc9" to "81010."

 --to receive messages via email, send an email to "";


Team News

6 months ago @ 6:50AM

Uniforms & Team Spirit Wear




1.  Team singlets (tops) and shorts are purchased by the athletes.  They are yours to keep.  They are to be worn at all meets.   Your shorts can be either: A) a pair of black compression shorts; or B) a pair of black “baggy shorts."


2.  WE WOULD LIKE for athletes to purchase (for purposes of uniformity & a “team look”) some item of FHS Track Spirit Wear (to be worn at, to, during & from all meets).  We want to look like the team that we are.  If you already have gear from previous seasons, you need not get new gear. 


**Don't get caught without a uniform!!!  Once the online store closes, there is no way to get a new uniform this season!!!


!! Online store will be up & running soon.  Check back later for the link !!


Team News

5 months ago @ 5:09PM

Distance News


Please complete a short preseason survey...

​Signup to receive team messages via REMIND.  Text the message "@fhs-dt" to the number 81010 or to 253-693-4909.  Otherwise, go to, create an account for yourself, and click Join A Class.  Enter fhs-dt.  You will be given the option to receive text or email messages.

A Facebook Group has been created for students & parents to post team photos.  It is entitled “Fairfax HS XC & Track Team”.  To join, people just need to go into Facebook, look up this group and request to join.  

A running watch and water bottle should be brought to every practice since we run based on time and run places with no water.  The running watch should have a chronometer function which allows you to time the length of your runs.  Simple models are available at Wal-Mart and Target for approximately $10 and more elaborate models run $20-40.  My preference is the Timex Ironman series because it is waterproof, provides 50 splits (intermediate times during a run), and has an alarm.​

Running Logs:   Everyone is requested to create a free account in, register for the Fairfax XC team, and record your daily mileage, running route and time.  The system will total up your weekly mileage and track your progress throughout the season.  The team accounts allow you to see the logs of other members of your team, but are hidden from outsiders.  Please go there, register yourself and request to be added to one of the teams.   You will need to enter the team name and ID #.  Setting up your individual account is automatic but connecting to the team takes about a day to process. 
TEAM NAME                       
REBEL Outdoor Track    T-15009143602-24