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Head Track Coach: Marcus Odell,; Cell # 407-923-2388

Assistant Coaches:  Shawn Norton, Joaquin Garcia



The coaching staff and administration of Fairfax High School are committed in OUR QUEST FOR CHARACTER AND EXCELLENCE in our track and field program.  The quest will be positive in nature, with high expectations for athletes, parents, and coaches.  This journey will begin as soon as a potential athlete makes a firm commitment to get on board.  We will stay focused on our goals and press on every day to make ourselves better in the classroom, reach our potential athletically, and develop character traits that will allow each athlete to be a productive member of society.

We will begin by creating a strong foundation based on character, commitment, determination, and discipline.  Our quest will come from the HEART, because that’s the place where character qualities are worth having.  The highest reward will not be what the athletes might GET during the season from working to develop these qualities, but rather what they BECOME in life from these qualities becoming an INTEGRAL part of their life.  We will develop a FAMILY focus within the structure of the team, where everyone will be an ENCOURAGING force in building our program.  Our character is often tested in times of crisis, and we want to demonstrate POSITIVE qualities in those situations.

Our journey needs the POSITIVE support of our school, faculty, administration, parents, and community. There are no shortcuts to OUR QUEST; JUST HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.


  • Track and Field will be part of your total educational experience at Fairfax High School.  Work to be successful in everything you do both academically and athletically.
  • Through this program, you can attain virtues that you will not receive in any other part of your educational experience here at Fairfax High School.
  • Understand the commitment it takes to be successful, both academically and athletically.
  • The quality of your track and field experience will be directly influenced by your attitude and effort.  The more you put in the more you will take away.
  • Daily Goal:    Attitude, Effort, and Passion
  • Individual Goal:  Physical and Mental Self-Improvement
  • Team Goals:   District Championship, Regional Championship, State Championship

Objectives for Boys and Girls Track Program

  •  Develop self-discipline and control.
  •  Promote the values of individual and team effort.
  •  Build the capacity for self-confidence under pressure.
  •  Discover each athlete’s range of capabilities.
  •  Cultivate the ability to think for oneself.
  •  Motivate each athlete to be the best that they can be.

Tryout Criteria

  • A completed VHSL Pre-Participation Exam Form
  • Parent Concussion Education
  • Student Concussion Education
  • An Emergency Care Form

Tryout Guidelines

  • Tryouts will be held the week of NOV 8 - 12 4pm to 6 pm 
  • Selection for the Varsity squad will be based on your performances in time trials, effort at practices and ability to work well with coaches & teammates.
  • All squads are open to FHS students 9 – 12 grade who have parental and doctor’s permission to participate. 
  • Students must have passed 5 classes last year and have passed 5 classes during the 1st semester of this year. We encourage our athletes to be taking 7 classes.


  • If you are absent from school, you may not practice/compete on the day of your absence.
  • Athletes are expected to be at all track meets, meetings, practices, weight workouts, and team functions on time.  Not knowing about an event or the time is not an excuse!  If the TEAM is there, you must be there.
  • An athlete must be in attendance unless excused by Coach Odell
  • If unable to attend, the athlete must personally notify Coach Odell prior to the function.  Word passed on by another athlete or student is not acceptable.   I want the athlete to work on responsibility and communication skills.
  • Missing 1 day of practice in a week could possibly forfeit or limit your participation in the next upcoming meet.
  • Missing 2 days of practice in a week will forfeit your participation in the next upcoming meet.

Practice Policy

  • Practice is mandatory for all track and field athletes.  We need to train every scheduled day if we plan to meet individual and team goals.
  • Any athlete involved in a fall school sponsored sport will be excused until that sport ends. 
  • All track and field athletes are required to have a physical and signed consent forms, parent and student concussion education, and emergency care form on file with the athletic trainers before being allowed to practice.
  • Parents, please try to schedule appointments at times that do not interfere with practice times when at all possible.
  • Practices will begin at 4 pm and occur Monday thru Friday and will end at 6 pm to 6:15 pm Monday thru Friday.

Expectations of Student Athletes

  • Be on time for everything.  If not, inform Coach Odell or Coach Norton beforehand.
  • If you are injured, see our Athletic Trainers, (Johnston and Rhodes) and let Coach Odell or Coach Norton know.
  • Stay on top your schoolwork and studies.  If you are having academic problems, please let your coaches know so we can work on a solution to help you out.
  • Please communicate clearly and directly with your coaches.
  • Athletes are expected to be at all meets on the schedule unless the head coach designates otherwise.  Head coach will also determine which meets and events athletes are competing in with input from the assistant coaches.


  • Do not abuse your body.  The use of drugs and or alcohol for any reason at any time is grounds for dismissal from the team.
  • A proper diet and good sleeping habits will make your training and competition day more productive.
  • Be accountable for your actions.
  • Your opportunity to be part of this program will be directly related to your actions and attitude.  Anyone doing anything that is determined to be detrimental to this program will be dismissed from the team.


The track and field program is based on four things which we assume you are willing and wanting to do. If any of these are not true, you may want to reconsider.

  1.  We assume you want to achieve excellence in the classroom, developing your best behavior and striving for the most learning and highest grades possible.


  1. We assume you want to be a better person because of what you will learn in this track program.


  1. We assume you want to reach your full potential as a track and field athlete.


  1. We assume you want to win a conference, district, regional, and state championship.

Expectations of Parents

  • Express concerns directly to the head coach.
  • Please notify the head coach of any schedule conflicts well in advance --preferably at least a week.
  • Please let the coaching staff know if there are any medical or physical limitations for your child.
  • Any specific concerns related to the coach’s philosophy and/or expectations should be directed to the head coach.
  • Concerns that parents can discuss with the head coach:
  1. Treatment of your child, mentally and physically.
  2. Ways to help your child improve.
  3. Concerns about your child’s behavior.
  4. Ways for your child to reach their realistic athletic and academic goals.
  • When wanting to discuss concerns with the head coach, please set up an appointment.  Please do not approach the coach before, during, or immediately after a meet or practice (24 Hour Rule).  These can be emotional times for everybody.
  • No parents are allowed at practice or in the team area at meets so that athletes can concentrate on what they are doing and so that the coaches have the athletes’ full and undivided attention.

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