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Sports teach a variety of values that our youth may not be exposed to elsewhere.  My goal is to use soccer as a vessel for a young person’s growth.  The goal is to use the sport to teach a variety of transferable characteristics that will allow the player to succeed both on and off the field. Through efficient tactical, and technical training.  Through modern instruction which relies on a variety of resources. Continued with the teaching of the game in a challenging, and competitive environment, my goal is to allow players to consistently improve in the sport, as well as build character and obtain attributes that will contribute to their lifelong journey.  Accountability, discipline, respect for one another, teamwork, empathy, and humility are promoted in this process.


Head Coach

Richard Spencer

Email –

Remind Group Name

Fairfax Girl’s Soccer

Code @rspencerii

Key Dates

  • Green days begin mid March 8th @ Stafford Park in Fairfax
  • Tryouts begin Monday, April 12th- Friday, April 16th 3:30-5:30 (Stafford park, Fairfax)

Team Policies

  • Club training and game schedules must be submitted previous to the season
  • Practice absences can be excused, but you’re still responsible for what’s missed
  • Zero tolerance for any and all forms of disrespect. Rather it be to players, coaches, the environment, or officials. All disrespectful behavior is an immediate reprimand.
  • All equipment is to be collected by players after practice, and games.
  • Players are expected to be properly equipped fifteen minutes before practice.
  • Players are expected to arrive 20 minutes early for the bus on away games.
  • Players are expected to read and master all sport related handouts.

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