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Season 2018 Calendar

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FCPS Student Athletic Participation Forms
1. VHSL Pre-Participation Exam Form (Physical exam must be on the VHSL form and completed after May 1, 2018 in order to be valid for the 2018-19 school year) 2. Parent & Student Concussion Education (online through FCPS) 3. Emergency Care Card (link to general enrollment) 4. School Insurance Form (if you don't have private insurance)


FH Summer Workout

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2018 Season Calendar

Entire fall 2018 season.


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Rules & Expectations Field Hockey

Outlines the field hockey program rules, provides program details and explains lettering policy.


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Field Hockey Equipment Requirements

Fairfax High School 3501 Rebel Run Fairfax, VA 22030 Fairfax Field Hockey Equipment Recommendations Varsity Field Hockey Amber Beaudoin To purchase a stick or any field hockey related equipment you can go to or call 1-800-545-1329. I recommend TK for beginners since they’re very forgiving sticks. • Sticks I recommend online come from Clearance – they are cheaper but new! • for inexperienced players TX Trillium 2 Plus (ATKT2P16) for $70, the STX Surgeon 300 (STXFH898) is $75; for or more money (and if you’re taller) the nicer Slazenger Aero (ASAE) for $100. Sticks are usually delivered within 2 -3 days. • What you are paying for in a good stick is the amount of CARBON less fiberglass is better!! The more Carbon that more it costs, the better it hits. For beginners it’s not as important because you aren’t really great at hitting yet and you can get away with less carbon. A good stick will indicate carbon percentage. E.g. My stick is 80% carbon, 10 % fiberglass, 10% Kevlar. When you order you must indicate a size (found below). Height of girl Size Stick 5'1" to 5'4": 35" – 36” 5'5" to 5'8": 36" or 36.5” Over 5'8": 37" to 38" Size guide follows according to height: However, it goes to comfort since I'm 5'6" and use a 37" inch stick. US Field Hockey recommends that all players use a 36.5” regardless of height!!! So keep that in mind. Other equipment: • Running shoes – please get properly fitted running shoes for running on the track and pavement. I recommend PACERS – they have student discounts. They will sell the best shoes and will not force the most expensive on you. • Shin-guards –Specially made field hockey shin guards – cover your ankles!!. They can be found at Dick’s. Also, Longstreth carries STX brand called Contour Pro (STXFH764) for $24.95 or TK Synergy hard molded shinguards (HL682) are a step up in protection for $24.95. • Mouth-guard –Colored mouth-guards – must be molded. Any color is fine just not clear. Please make sure to follow package directions when molding the mouth-guard to your teeth. • Cleats – Leather Soccer style is the norm. I recommend turf shoes if you don’t already soccer shoes. Please try to wear them once or twice to break them in before try-outs. I recommend wearing them in the shower or soak your feet in the tub for 10 -15 minutes (molds them to your feet) before playing in them. Then dry them out overnight with newspaper stuffed inside to remove moisture.


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2018 Tryout Guide

Describes the criteria upon which athletes are evaluated for team selection.