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Updated: 3/31 11:30 am (latest items marked with an *):

3/31 Seniors and senior parents from our Athletic Dept.  Please help us collect all the info we need to celebrate our senior student-athletes virtually!! Look for a calendar of Senior Nights coming soon!! Please click on the following link & fill out the form about your sports career and favorite memories.  Please submit as soon as possible!
If you have questions, please email Mr. Horn at or Mr. Luther at

3/24 Fairfax High School Track and Field Athletes and Parents:

I know you have likely heard by now the devastating news that our season is cancelled because of the coronavirus and the safety precautions that the state has taken.  Athletes, I know you are hurting just like us coaches.  We were really excited about how the preseason was progressing and looking forward to our first meet. 

Rest assured, the coaching staff and I are still here for you and your needs as a track and field athlete.  We will continue to post workouts even though we will not be competing.  The workouts will focus more on general strength and conditioning to help athletes prepare for next year’s cross country, indoor, and outdoor seasons. At times, we will provide references for inspirational books and videos for athletes. 

Seniors, please let us know what we can do for you at this point since you will be moving on to your college life and activities next year.  If you need us to call college coaches or write letters of recommendation or whatever else you may need, please don’t hesitate to ask us. 

Returning athletes, please let us know how we can help you at this point.  Juniors and sophomores, if you have a desire to run or compete at the college level please send me a list of schools you currently want to consider as soon as you can so the other coaches and I can start working on your behalf with college coaches.  Information that I need as I communicate with college coaches include your current GPA, test scores (ACT/SAT) if you have them or as soon as you get them.  Colleges are already making adjustments for test scores because of what is happening, and as I get more information on this, I will share it with you.  Also let us know the areas of study (such as business, engineering, etc.) you are considering because college coaches want to know this in order to possibly recruit you. 

I know these are trying times that all of us are going through, but adversity does make an individual and a team stronger. Hopefully, we can take this negative situation and turn it into a big positive down the road.  Once again, we want to reiterate we are here as a coaching staff and nothing is to big to ask of us to help all of you.  Please be safe and take care of yourself through these next several weeks.


Fairfax High School Track and Field Coaching Staff 

*WORKOUTS - See Workout section for suggested workouts while we are out of school.