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FALL SPORTS START DATES: Golf starts August 1st and all other fall teams start August 5th. Check the websites for tryout information.

2019 Concussion Ed for Athlete & Parent

New this year for concussion ed for Athlete’s and parent’s!

Open the power point above to complete your concussion ed for all sports! 
Read through the power point on the last page both athlete and parent need to sign and date,
then return it to the activities office.

You no longer will be able to do it online through the county.


TRYOUTS / TRAINING - All required forms must be turned in & checked prior to tryouts & training.Those turning in forms before practice should come by 7:45 am.  For practices at FHS, meet outside the fieldhouse in the alcove between doors 15 & 16 (opposite the trailers).
Mon 8/12  8-10 am @ FHS.  Girls depart on bus for overnight camp at 10:15.
Tue 8/13 No practice @ FHS.  Run on your own.
Wed 8/14 8-10 am @ FHS.  Boys depart on bus for overnight camp at 3:00 pm
Thu 8/14 No practice @ FHS.  Run on your own.
Fri 8/16 8-5 pm, Trip to Shenandoah Nat’l Park for a run up Browntown trail to Mt. Marshall (walk or run down), 8 miles round trip.  Lunch at scenic rock overlook.  Swim in a mountain stream & rock pools.  Bus from FHS door #16 will take us both ways.  Detailed itineraries & permission forms posted under Documents.  Turn in permission form by Wed 8/14, spaces limited.  No fee.  If you can lifeguard, contact Coach Whalley.

Mon 8/19 7:30-9:30 @ FHS
Tue 8/20  4-6 pm Meet at FHS flagpole and take bus to Burke Lake Park. Students can meet us in Mini Golf parking lot at 4:30 pm.
Wed 8/21 4-6 pm @ FHS
Thu 8/22 7:30-9:00 @ FHS
Fri 8/23 7:30-9:00 @ FHS 2 mile time trial #2.  Newcomers will be released early to shower/cleanup for New Student Orientation

Uniforms will be issued on Thursday, 8/8 between 10-12 noon. 
Team & individual photos on Monday, 8/19 at 7:30 am.  Wear our team jersey and solid black shorts.  Come at 7:00 am if you need a team jersey.

CORE / STRENGTHENING EXERCISES - Core/strengthening exercises should be done after your run 3 days per week.  See exercises under Documents.

SCHOOL YEAR PRACTICES - Starting 8/ 26, the team practices every school day 3:30-5:30 pm. We usually meet outside the fieldhouse by door #16 and run to local parks for hill training, speed intervals, form drills and games, such as capture-the-flag & ultimate Frisbee. Wear running shoes, shirt (preferably dri-fit or wicking), running shorts, and a running watch and bring a water bottle to daily practices. Also please be on-time, meet with trainers when you're working through an injury, come to practice every day even when you're injured, and be prepared to give 100% effort to a positive training session.‚Äč

SUMMER RUNNING – Everyone who plans to participate in Cross Country in the Fall should run over the summer to build up their strength and endurance.  Try to run 6-7 days per week, alternating between long runs, medium runs and short runs.  Start running at mileage that is comfortable to you and try to increase your mileage 3-4 miles per week throughout the summer.  After 4 or 5 weeks, back your mileage down and take a “rest” week, then resume where you left off. 


Level 1 - New to distance running, played some other sports without much running:  200 miles (15 miles / wk)
Level 2 - New or returning runner, played some other sports which involved running: 350 miles (27 miles / wk)
Level 3 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our Conference level:                             500 miles (38 miles / wk)
Level 4 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our Regional level:                                  600 miles (46 miles / wk)
Level 5 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our State/National level:                          700 miles (54 miles / wk)


Wk Starting Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
6/3 40 33 26 16 3
6/10 43 36 29 19 6
6/17 47 40 33 23 9
6/24 50 43 36 26 12
7/1 37 30 23 16 12
7/8 53 46 39 29 15
7/15 57 50 43 33 18
7/22 60 53 46 36 21
7/29 63 56 49 39 24
8/5 67 60 53 29 21
8/12 70 63 56 42 24
8/19 53 46 39 29 21
8/26 53 46 39 29 21
Total: 6/3-9/1 693 602 511 366 207
13 Wk Avg 53 46 39 28 16

A Daily Mileage Table is posted on the Documents section of our websiteThis table is intended to help you figure how much to run each day.  You may swap days within the week to correspond with your family/work/vacation schedules.

RUNNING ROUTES / TRAILS – Vary your routes so that you don’t get bored running around the same area.  Running out & back to a select destination often feels more satisfying than merely running around your block a bunch of times.  Many runners get energized by running “off-road” on dirt, grass or gravel trails.  Tell others about routes you find interesting.  See Documents section of our website for Running Routes & Local Trails near FHS. 

RUNNING LOGS – Everyone is requested to track their running mileage over the summer (starting 6/1) and show me their logs by the beginning of team practices on 8/5. Logs should show mileage each day, weekly totals, and a summer total. This will help coaches with placing you in the appropriate training group, assigning you appropriate workouts, and qualifying for our 500 mile club. Athletes have the choice of keeping a paper log (template found under Documents) or an online log at Create your own free individual account and request to be added to one of the teams.
REBEL XC-B    T-15009080006-11 (for boys)
REBEL XC-G    T-15009085606-13 (for girls)