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The Activities Office is selling FHS Face Masks!

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go to all of the FHS athletic programs.
You can place your order through MY SCHOOL BUCKS and the link is below:

Buying a FHS Face Mask is a great way to stay safe and to support the
FHS Athletic Programs!

The masks will arrive the week of August 10th and we will set up times that week for student and family pickup times.



Cross Country (X/C) is a Fall team sport and this coming year will take place from February 15 – May 1. Races are run through woods and fields on dirt, gravel and grass trails and are typically 3 miles or 5 kilometers. In each race, team members start together and aim to run the course in the shortest time possible. Team scores are based on the finishing places of the top 5 team members. The lowest team score wins. Varsity meets usually involve between 10-50 schools and are held on Saturday mornings; JV races involve 3-6 schools and are held on Wednesday afternoons. Our goals are to win the Conference Championships, help everyone to develop their strength and stamina and to achieve personal time and place goals.

o Freedom - No referees, no whistles, no one to hold you back.  Run trails & explore new routes.
o Team - Develop friendships and run side-by-side in practices & races.
o Competition - Opportunity to compete at varsity level starting freshmen year, test yourself against others at regional, state & national levels
o Individual & Team Results - Measure your times and mileage and compare to others at regional, state & national levels. Stats seen online by college coaches.
o Fitness - Improve your aerobic conditioning, flexibility and strength.  Condition for other sports.  Develop routine for lifetime fitness.

TEAM SQUADS - The Varsity squad consists of 7-10 runners. The JV squad consists of an unlimited number of runners who meet the JV time requirements (see below). Those not able to meet the JV requirements may run on our development squad. Placement on squads will be based on practices, time trials, work ethic, attitude and attendance.  Boys’ and girls’ squads race separately though frequently train together. All squads are open to FHS students in grades 9-12 who have parental and doctors permission to participate. Students must have passed 5 classes last year and be taking 5 classes this coming year.

Head Coach Mark Whalley 703-625-5234 (cell #)


Signup to receive coaches' messages via REMIND. Text the message "@fhs-xc" to the number 81010 or to 253-693-4909. Otherwise, go to, create an account for yourself, and click Join A Class. Enter fhs-xc. You will be given the option to receive text or email messages.

Athletes - signup to be able to SEND and RECEIVE messages via REMIND to your teammates.  You can use this to arrange group runs & get-togethers or just to share things with your teammates.  Note that coaches will receive all these messages.
Boys group code:  fhs-xc-b
Girls group code:  fhs-xc-g 
Text either code preceded by the "@" symbol to the number 81010 or to 253-693-4909. Otherwise, go to, create an account for yourself, and click Join A Class. Enter either code. You will be given the option to receive text or email messages.

A Facebook Group has been created for students & parents to post team photos. It is entitled “Fairfax HS XC & Track Team”. To join, people just need to go into Facebook, look up this group and request to join.

A Facebook Group has been created for X-Country & Track Alumni to post reunion and alumni news. It is entitled “Fairfax HS XC & Track Alumni”. To join, people just need to go into Facebook, look up this group and request to join.

Follow @FAIRFAXHSXC in Twitter to receive highlights of FHS XC Team News items posted to our Team website and have them sent directly to your phone. You will also need to go to our Team website, find the section on the main page called Fan Login, create an account/login, click on the tab "Email/Text Alerts" and enter your information and select Coed X-Country as a Favorite and check Email Alert.

The best way to communicate with me is to send me an email message. With email, I can cut and paste from other emails, can include weblinks and can store your message. During practice time, I carry my cell phone. It is primarily for emergency purposes. During practice time, I am supervising the practice, not checking messages.

We are looking for team members in each squad to fill the following roles:
Squad shepherd
Pace setter
Drills leader
Core exercises leader
Attendance taker
Liason to leadership & other teams
Social events coordinator
Meeting facilitator
Meeting scribe


Varsity boys aim to race 5-5:30 min/mile, varsity girls 6-6:30 min/mile, JV boys need to run 2-3 miles under 9 min/mile, and JV girls under 10 min/mile. Those not not ready to race 3 miles at JV pace may run on our development squad.

Here are time targets to work towards for varsity athletes:

Time Targets (based on 2017 & 2018 results)



Top 15 at Conference

16:19 (3 mile)

19:00 (3 mile)

Top 5 indiv at Regionals

16:17 (3 mile)

18:56 (3 mile)

Top 15 at State

16:32 (5K)

19:33 (5K)

The top 4 teams and top 15 individuals in our conference qualify for the Regional Championships.
The top 3 teams and top 5 individuals (other than those on the top 3 teams) in our region qualify for the State Championships.


Wondering why people run and how do some get so good? Here are some favorite books about some of the outstanding distance runners in the world. Most of these are available at a Fairfax County Public Library.

Running with the Legends by Michael Sandrock - 796.42

The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb – 796.42

Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear - 796.42

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore

Pre: The story of America’s Greatest Distance Runner by Tom Jordan - Biography

Sub 4:00 – Alan Webb and the quest for the Fastest Mile by Chris Lear – Biography

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe