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2019 Concussion Ed for Athlete & Parent

New this year for concussion ed for Athlete’s and parent’s!

Open the power point above to complete your concussion ed for all sports! 
Read through the power point on the last page both athlete and parent need to sign and date, then return it to the activities office.

You no longer will be able to do it online through the county.



If you plan on trying out for the team, please fill out the following short form.

This is the coaches' team member information database--used for all notices, announcements, and management of the team.  You must be on this list, to be considered for the team!

2.  Tryout Schedule & Practice Times.

"Green Days" are Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-5:30PM, from now until tryouts, which start on Nov. 5th.

Regular Practice is 3:30-5:30PM, every day, starting Nov. 12.  

**PLEASE NOTE THIS NEW ADDITION!!  On free Saturdays (when there are no meets/invitationals), we will have an additional weight room day (9-11AM).  It will typically be an upper body/total body day to round out all the leg work we do during the week.

3.  Tryouts & Making the Teams.

A.  November 2018--tryouts & assessments (100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M, Standing Broad Jump, & Overhead Shot Throw).  Please note that everyone does every assessment, unless one of the coaches excuses you.  Coaches need the numbers to be able to assess where to place you on the team, and how to train you.  **All times & distances during assessments/tryout week will be used to PRELIMINARILY rank you on the team, in that event(s).

For athletes trying to make the team in the throws, and only in the throws, here are the minimum standards during tryout week assessments.  Overhead Shot Throw--Girls (25'), Boys (35')

For athletes trying to make the team in the jumps, and only in the jumps, here are the minimum standards during tryout week assessments.  Standing Broad Jump--Girls (7'), Boys (8').

Here are the minimum standards to be considered for making the Indoor Track & Field Team in the running events:

  100M 200M 400M 800M 1600M
BOYS 13.5 29.0 1:04 2:40 6:00
GIRLS 15.0 33.0 1:11 3:00 6:30

**Athletes must be able to make at least 2 standards for Varsity, and 1 for JV (achievement of standards does not automatically guarantee placement on the team)

B.  November 10--Varsity & JV Squads FINALIZED AND ANNOUNCED.  For the Indoor (as well as Outdoor) season, the team will be comprised of as many athletes as the coaches believe we can work with and achieve competitive results.  This typically is around 30 boys and 30 girls.

***Please have your forms completed ON OR BEFORE the first day of practice.  If you do not have all of them completed, as well as register for the team, you will not be allowed to participate until you get those forms to the appropriate people.

The PHYSICAL goes to the Athletic Trainer.

CONCUSSION EDUCATION is done online by BOTH the athlete AND 1 parent.

The EMERGENCY CARE CARD goes to Coach Wilson.


4.  Remind Messages

Coach Wilson/Track & Field will use the Remind App to notify student-athletes and parents of late-breaking changes, pressing issues, as well as remind everyone of important upcoming events.

--to receive messages via text, text "@cgcc9" to "81010."

 --to receive messages via email, send an email to "";


1.  Team singlets (tops) and shorts are purchased by the athletes.  They are yours to keep.  They are to be worn at all meets.   Your shorts can be either: A) a pair of black compression shorts; or B) a pair of black “baggy shorts.”  There are two options for singlets this year.  You can get either or both; however, relay teams will need to have identical uniforms.  Therefore, you will need to project out whether you will be on a relay team, OR borrow a singlet if the need arises.

2.  I WOULD LIKE for you to purchase (for purposes of uniformity & a “team look”) an FHS Track & Field Hoodie or Jacket (to be worn at all meets).  We want to look like the team that we are.  If you already have one from previous years, you need not get a new one.  This year's spirit wear jackets and hoodies are pretty cool !!

3.  Uniform and spirit wear store is live online now, and will close a few days after the team is announced, so that everyone will have the opportunity to get their gear.  It will be open until November 11.

**Don't get caught without a uniform!!!  Once the online store closes, there is no way to get a new uniform this season!!!

6.  FHS Track & Field Rules & Guidelines are on the "Team Files" webpage.