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Thursday March 14th
Lacrosse games vs Wakefield Boys home/ Girls away 5:45/7:15
Baseball Varsity game vs South Lakes 6:30 home


Congratulations to Swimmers Julia Moser and Peter Makin for earning All-American consideration this season!

XC running


Everyone is requested to create a free account in , register for the Fairfax XC team, and record your daily mileage, running route and time. The system will total up your weekly mileage and track your progress throughout the season. The team accounts allow you to see the logs of other members of your team, but are hidden from outsiders. Please go there, register yourself and request to be added to one of the teams. You will need to enter the team name and ID #. Setting up your individual account is automatic but connecting to the team takes about a day to process.
REBEL XC-B T-15009080006-11 (for boys)
REBEL XC-G T-15009085606-13 (for girls) Just a reminder that everyone is expected to log their miles by the end of each week, so that I can track your progress. This is a requirement for making the 500 mile club and for earning a varsity letter. Those that have not logged their miles were removed from our Team Account unless they notified me that they do not have online access. To be reinstated on our team account, please enter your miles and request to join the team through running2win.

Pace Chart (5k & Longer)