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Latest Update: 6/24/20* 1:00 pm


*ONLINE REGISTRATION - Returning and new athletes, please complete the 2020 team request for information (gives me your student ID# to track your forms):  You will be asked to specify if you are just requesting info, want to try out some summer runs, or are committed to joining the team.

Athletes, signup to receive coaches' messages via REMIND. Text the message "@fhs-xc" to the number 81010 or to 253-693-4909. Otherwise, go to, create an account for yourself, and click Join A Class. Enter fhs-xc. You will be given the option to receive text or email messages.

Parents, signup to receive coaches' messages via REMIND. Text the message "@fhs-xc-p" to the number 81010 or to 253-693-4909. Otherwise, go to, create an account for yourself, and click Join A Class. Enter fhs-xc-p. You will be given the option to receive text or email messages.

*TEAM CONDITIONING:  We are hosting coach-supervised conditioning workouts on Thursdays during June & July starting 6/25.  We will meet in groups of 9 starting at 8:00 am at Fairfax HS by door #19 and be done in 90 minutes.  Participation is optional, not required to join the team.  All rising 9-12 graders that are intersted in running X-Country in 2020 are eligible to participate. Graduates are not allowed.  We will do a warmup run on the trails behind the baseball field, drills and buildups on the turf field, a tempo workout on the track, a tempo workout on the trails, and stretching / core workout on the turf field.  Workouts will be suited to athlete's current fitness level.  We recognize that some people may not have exercised much recently and this is their first time getting out.  Others may have been training regularly and ready for more demanding workouts.

All participants must abide by the following rules:
1. Sign up in advance via  Sign up for the first available session.  If we have 9 or less, we want to run just 1 session at 8:00.  If there are no available spots, sign up on the waiting list and we'll work to get you in on a future date.
2. Arrive outside the fieldhouse by door #19 (stay in your car).  One of the coaches will ask you the standard COVID-19 screening questions and take your temperature using a digital thermometer on your forehead. 
3. Submit an Emergency Care form (or have previously submitted one to Coach Whalley this past year).  This only needs to be done once this summer. .
4. Show that you have a water bottle containing 32 oz or more.
(Failing to meet the screening questions, having a temperature of 100.4 or higher, not having a signed emergency care form or not having a 32 oz water bottle means you have to go home; no exceptions).  You may carpool with another student.  However if one person in your car fails the temperature test or screening questions, then all students in the car must go home.
Athletes can then exit the car and start the warmup.  During the workout, participants must maintain social distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart).  Athletes must wear shorts and a shirt the entire practice and may not take off their shirt.  We will monitor the heat and adjust practice in high heat or cancel practice.  We are not allowed in the school building and not allowed to use shared equipment (no balls, frisbees, shared water coolers, etc.)
5. Athletes will depart from the lower gate to the track (closest to Lee Hwy) approximately 90 min after arriving.  Athletes are not allowed to hang out on campus before or after practice.
Any changes to our schedule / conditioning sessions will be posted on this website and sent out via Remind messaging to FHS-XC (the new one this summer).

SUMMER RUNNING – Everyone who plans to participate in Cross Country in the Fall should run over the summer to build up their strength and endurance.  Try to run 6-7 days per week, alternating between long runs, medium runs and short runs.  Start running at mileage that is comfortable to you and try to increase your mileage 3-4 miles per week throughout the summer.  After 4 or 5 weeks, back your mileage down and take a “rest” week, then resume where you left off. 

CORE / STRENGTHENING EXERCISES - Core/strengthening exercises should be done after your run 3 days per week.  See exercises under Documents.

SUMMER MILEAGE GOALS (from 6/1-8/30)

Level 1 - New to distance running, played some other sports without much running:  200 miles (15 miles / wk)
Level 2 - New or returning runner, played some other sports which involved running: 350 miles (27 miles / wk)
Level 3 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our Conference level:                             500 miles (38 miles / wk)
Level 4 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our Regional level:                                  600 miles (46 miles / wk)
Level 5 - Runner aiming to be competitive at our State/National level:                          700 miles (54 miles / wk)


Wk Starting Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
6/1 40 33 26 16 3
6/8 43 36 29 19 6
6/15 47 40 33 23 9
6/22 50 43 36 26 12
6/29 37 30 23 16 12
7/6 53 46 39 29 15
7/13 57 50 43 33 18
7/20 60 53 46 36 21
7/27 63 56 49 39 24
8/3 67 60 53 29 21
8/10 70 63 56 42 24
8/17 53 46 39 29 21
8/24 53 46 39 29 21
693 602 511 366 207
13 Wk Avg 53 46 39 28 16

A Daily Mileage Table is posted on the Documents section of our websiteThis table is intended to help you figure how much to run each day.  You may swap days within the week to correspond with your family/work/vacation schedules.

RUNNING ROUTES / TRAILS – Vary your routes so that you don’t get bored running around the same area.  Running out & back to a select destination often feels more satisfying than merely running around your block a bunch of times.  Many runners get energized by running “off-road” on dirt, grass or gravel trails.  Tell others about routes you find interesting.  See Documents section of our website for Running Routes & Local Trails near FHS. 

RUNNING LOGS – Everyone is requested to track their running mileage over the summer (starting 6/1) and show me their logs by the beginning of team practices on 8/3. Logs should show mileage each day, weekly totals, and a summer total. This will help coaches with placing you in the appropriate training group, assigning you appropriate workouts, and qualifying for our 500 mile club. 

8/3-21  Team practice 8-10 am @ FHS 

TEAM OVERNIGHT CAMP – Due to the pandemic and FCPS restrictions, we are not currently planning an overnight camp.

SUMMER CAMPS - Here is a list of running camps in the area offered to high school runners at a moderate fee.

Heat Monitoring: our athletic trainers and FCPS central office monitor heat and humidity on a daily basis and advise coaches when we're not allowed to practice outside and when we can practice outside but should modify our workouts.  We have modified our workouts a few times this season at which times, we've run in shaded woods and provided extra breaks and access to plenty of water.  Athletes that complain of dizziness or fatigue are always permitted to stop practicing and go inside.