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FHS AThletics - Rebel Pride

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Game Summary

6 months ago

Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Annandale HS

Game Date
Dec 29, 2017

The boys came to play today.  On day 3 of the Rebel Roundball Classic and playing at a decent hour for the only time during the tournament, Fairfax was matched up against the Atoms of Annandale High School for the second time this season.  And the Rebels gave their most spirited effort in a while.  Although they did not control the opening tip like they had hoped, Fairfax did still control the entire first period.  The defense was active, with a number of steals, deflections and harassments, and Annandale didn't get many good looks at the basket.  On the offensive end, Lord Leaply soared for 2 scores, Chackerman notched 3 points and the Rebs, following Coach B's pre-game "advice" to take it to the hoop and look to score, got to the line on 3 separate occasions due to being fouled in the act.  If only they'd made more than half of the 6 attempts.  Oh well, they still led 11-3 at the break.

But the Atoms shot back in the 2nd period.  They started on an 8-2 run to get to within 2 at 11-13.  They tied it at 15, the Leapster gave his team the lead back, the A's tied it again and finally Chacky hit again shortly before the buzzer, for a 19-17 Rebels' lead at the intermission.  Though Abtew and Mbangue each had 2 personals at the break, the team as a whole had only 6 personals in the half and the Atoms shot only 1-3 on their attempts.

The first-period Rebels re-emerged at the outset of the 3rd period and Can-do Abtew splashed a couple of threebies sandwiched around a scoop shot by Chazerman.  The lead eventually grew to 11 before the Atoms shrunk it to 7 by the end of the period.  Sunshine brought some joy to the assemblage by sinking a 3 of his own and QuezDervish Napper, back from a brief IV-hookup to overcome dehydration-like symptoms the previous day, scored inside as only he can with the very embodiment of a "spin move."  And, unlike the first half, forebodingly, the Rebels were fouling like there was no tomorrow (come to think of it, tomorrow is an off-day, at least from game competition).  Why, Sunshine merely frowned upon one of the Atoms after sending the Atomic shot attempt out the gym door and got T'd up for taunting.  The Rebels committed an astonishing 17 personals in the 2nd half; fortunately Annandale only converted 7 of their 12 4th period attempts.

The 4th period was a bit uneven, with Fairfax pushing the lead to 12 points at one juncture, but unable to put away the Atoms.  Now it was the Atoms who were hit by the foul bugaboo and it was the Rebels who could only knock down 5 of their 14 4th period attempts.  For the game, the team shot an "ain't-gonna-pull-out-many-victories-that-way" 10-22 from the stripe.  Remember guys, they are called "free" throws for a reason.  Anyways, while Annandale was making their comeback attempt and Fairfax was milking the clock with crisp passes on the perimeter an probing for openings in the defense, co-captain Aziz Abousam a-spied a fissure in the defense and bulled his way to the rack for a big-time layup to give his team an 8-point lead.  Annandale got within 6 at 41-47 with less than 20 seconds to go but Sunny D swished 2 free throws and Fairfax ultimately came away with a gratifying, though always-room-for-improvement-in-the-coaches'-eyes, 49-44 win.  As the Rebels rest up for mainly-conference-play in the new year, their record stands at 7-4.

The Maestro was outstanding tonight, despite his one frowning moment, with 7 points to go along with his team-high 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 blocks and 4 steals, hitting the century mark for his pilfering career.  ChuckyCheese led all scorers in the game with 15 and grabbed 3 offensive rebounds, a stat the coaches love.  The Twister also had 4 steals, while Aziz drew 1 official charging call and a couple of unofficial ones (i.e., the game officials begged to disagree).

It is awfully cold outside so you should only venture out when necessary.  Like, to watch the Rebels take on the not-anymore-Stuart Raiders next Tuesday at to-be-named-later High School.  Wear your earmuffs.  Happy New Year.  Be safe!

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