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FHS AThletics - Rebel Pride

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 11:11AM

Regional Results



7.76    TeOna Witherspoon  18th  Prelims  H1  Prelims - Girls 55m Dash 
1,600 METER RUN 
5:22.16  SB  Chloe Tran  8th  Finals  H1  Girls 1600m Run 
3,200 METER RUN 
11:39.12  SB  Chloe Tran  12th  Finals  H1  Girls 3200m Run 
4:12.54  SB  Relay Team 10th  Finals  H1  Girls 4x400m Relay 
16-2.75    Erin Hopkins  10th  Finals  H1  Girls Long Jump 
9-9  SB  TeOna Witherspoon  5th  Finals  H1  Girls Pole Vault 
24-6    Shravani Malay  23rd  Finals  H1  Girls Shot Put 
8.29  SB  Decker Barborek  11th  Prelims  H2  Prelims - Boys 55m Hurdles 
3:34.98  SB  Relay Team 6th  Finals  H1  Boys 4x400m Relay 
5-8    Brandon Lim  11th  Finals  H1  Boys High Jump 
21-5    Tyrese Bender  3rd  Finals  H1  Boys Long Jump 
43-7    Tyrese Bender  6th  Finals  H1  Boys Triple Jump 
12-6  SB  Decker Barborek  6th  Finals  H1  Boys Pole Vault

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:19PM

Coordinating the Regional Meet



Regional Athletes:

Looking over the meet schedule, we could manage the our time much more effectively, if we figure out an individual (or multi-group) arrival & departure schedule that does not rely on the school bus, and it's 9:30am departure.

We have 12-13 athletes who need to get to the meet.  We should have a couple more; however, the relay team alternates have decided that their season is already over and have stopped coming to practice.  (let's hope that none of the existing athletes get sick!)

So, are there three or four SUV's (with parents) who can coordinate drop off & pick up at PGSLC?

If you all can coordinate this amongst yourselves, we can totally avoid the hour-long bus ride each way and the waiting around.

Is anyone willing to take the lead on this and coordinate this?

Coach Wilson.

Team News

2 years ago @ 6:53AM

6A North Regional Meet Schedule (2/18/16)






Tentative Time Schedule 
       Field Events: will try to start 2nd round of field events at 12:45. 

       Time schedule is subject to adjustment based on number of sections.                                     



11:30 am 


Girls Long Jump (3) attempts in the Trials….top (9) advance for (3) more attempts in the Final 


Boys Long Jump (3) attempts in the Trials….top (9) advance for (3) more attempts in the Final 


Girls High Jump to be followed by Boys High Jump


Boys Pole Vault followed by Girls Pole Vault


Girls Shot followed by Boys Shot (3) attempts in the Trials….top (9) advance for (3) more attempts in the Final 


After conclusion of Long Jump then the Girls Triple Jump and Boys Triple Jump  

Running Events: Alleys 

12:00 NOON  Girls 4x800 Relay Final  1 section 

12:20 pm       Boys 4x800 Relay Final  1 section

Prelims:  Heat Winners and the next (X) number based on time 

12:50 pm  Girls 55m Dash 

1:00 pm   Boys 55m Dash 

1:15 pm   Boys 55 HH 

1:30 pm   Girls 55 HH 


2:15 pm Girls 55H  
2:25 pm Boys 55H  
2:35 pm Girls 55m  
2:45 pm Boys 55m  
2:55 pm Girls 4x200m Relay 
3:10 pm Boys 4x200m Relay 
3:25 pm Girls 1600m (alleys) 
3:55 pm Boys 1600m (alleys) 
4:15 pm Girls 500m 
4:35 pm Boys 500m 
4:55 pm Girls 1000m (alleys) 
5:25 pm Boys 1000m (alleys) 
5:45 pm Girls 300m 
6:00 pm Boys 300m
6:15 pm Girls 3200m 1 section (alleys) 
6:35 pm Boys 3200m 1 section (alleys) 
6:55 pm Girls 4x400m Relay  
7:15 pm Boys 4x400m Relay


……Team Awards to follow

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:41AM


From the Liberty Conference Championships on Feb. 5, 2016, the following athletes qualified for the Northern Regional Meet on February 18, 2016:

(information in parentheses denotes event and conference place)

1. Tyrese Bender (LJ-1st; TJ-2nd)

2. TeOna Witherspoon (55D-2nd; PV-2nd)

3. Decker Barborek (55H-4th; PV-1st)

4. Shravani Malay (SP-6th)

5. Brandon Lim (HJ-2nd)

6. Chloe Tran (1600M-5th; 3200M-3rd)

7. Candace Grose (PV-3rd)

8. GIRLS 4x400M RELAY (Jenna Thompson, Jackie Taube, TeOna Witherspoon & Catherine Schenaker--2nd)

9. BOYS 4x400M RELAY (Decker Barborek, Jared Dodge, Justin Hatchett & Curtrell Trott--2nd)


Team News

2 years ago @ 10:30PM

Meet Results & Team Performance List

Results from the Conference Championships are posted under Team Files.

Team News

2 years ago @ 1:32PM

Coach Wilson's Snow Day Workouts

On this past Wednesday Afternoon, each & every athlete who was to compete at the Conference Meet on Thursday was ready and able to "hit it big."  I was expecting to see "PR plusses" from everyone. 

This blizzard came at just the wrong time; however every team going to the conference meet is subject to the same restrictions relative to snow day practices, cleaning their tracks off, and simply getting workouts in. 

And now, we have at least two more days off from school and practice. 

What to do, so that FHS Track comes out on the other side of this better than anyone else against whom we will compete?

You make sure that what you do during these days counts toward maintaining what you have worked hard to achieve--track & field fitness.  Otherwise, everything that you have sweated for, as well as the pain you have endured, will be lost.

With the reality of no on-the-track practices, no time in the weight room, and no time in the field house, the options to keep up your levels of fitness are limited.  Without getting into any particulars (which is impossible given the varied snow situations you may be encountering), all I can say is do ANYTHING that gets your heart rate up--WAY UP!  Train metabolically.

If you have access to a gym, GO!  Lift hard, tax your core, and get on the cardio machines.  Work out until you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest.  At this point in the season, your body will respond well to high intensity training.

And if you're snowed in, shovel your driveway, with minimal or no breaks.  BUT hydrate!

Or, if you're really motivated to move on to the Regional Meet, pull a page from the old Eastern European training manual.  Do hill runs in the deep snow.  2x10x30M of knee lift in this snow...AMAZING WORKOUT!

Yes, I'm hard core, asking you to do something that difficult, but I have watched you all train extremely hard, and I don't want to see you come out on the other side of this break in training looking sluggish and out of shape.  You've got way too much to lose.

Bottom line--I don't care how you work out, or what kind of workout you do (there aren't many safe options when there is this much snow out there), but get some kind of workout in, every day from today forward.  If you live near each other, work out together.  And, if you come up with an extraordinary workout, send it out to each other on instagram, so that the rest of the team can replicate it.

I just shoveled my driveway for four hours, and now I'm off to the gym.  

You can't let coach show you up! 

Team News

2 years ago @ 5:49PM

Distance Workouts for Snow Days

Happy home time!  Let it snow!  

If you're shoveling this weekend, remember to bend your knees a lot so your legs help instead of just your back.  Alternate shoveling with different hands in the front position.  This helps distribute the workload so that not just one side of your body does the majority of work.  Shovel in small increments with rest in between rather than a continuous marathon.  Train don't strain.

Sat 1/23 If you had a long or hard day on Friday, then go easy 30-35 min pace run, drills, skips and bounds.  Avoid running in the street, stick to sidewalks and trails.  If you had an easy day on Friday, then run 45 min including 10-15 warmup, 4x3 min uptempo, 3 min regular pace after each uptempo and 5-10 min warmdown.  If you have access to trails, 3 min running through deep snow helps you focus on knee lift and pumping your arms.  Regular pace should be on shoveled or packed down snow.  

Sun 1/24 Easy day:  30-35 min pace run, abs & arm exercises.  If you ran in deep snow yesterday, find a plowed or packed down area to run on.  

If you can't get outside, try running in place and mixing in jumping jacks, jumping jills, cross overs, squat jumps, runners dips, ballerinas, fire hydrants, kick backs.  Do in sets of a min of each and rotate through the different drills.

Cross country skiing can substitute for your run.  Great exercise, works the legs, arms and abs.

Mon 1/25 Hard day - similar to Fri/Sat hard workout.

Tue 1/26 Easy day

Wed 1/27 Easy day

Thu 1/28  Conference Championships - Day 2 schedule (1600, 1000, 500).  

Fri 2/05 Conference Championships - Day 1 schedule (4x800, 3200).

Team News

2 years ago @ 4:44AM

Parents AND Athletes--Please Check Out SafeSport!


This is a US Olympic Committee awareness program.

From the website--"Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport."

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:51AM

Team Pot Luck Dinners Scheduled


Where: FHS Cafeteria 

Dates: 12/2/15; 1/13/16; 1/26/16

Time: 5-7pm

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:33PM

New Facebook Group

A Facebook Group has been created for students & parents to post team photos.  It is entitled “Fairfax HS XC & Track Team”.  To join, people just need to go into Facebook, look up this group and request to join.  

Team News

2 years ago @ 4:27AM

Inform Us & Stay Informed


Coaches need your information (for email & a contact list).  Go to...
...and fill out the survey there.
You need ours...
Coach Wilson/Track & Field will use the Remind App to notify student-athletes and parents of late-breaking changes, pressing issues, as well as remind everyone of important upcoming events--
to receive messages via text, text "@cgcc9" to "81010"

to receive messages via email, send an email to ""

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:36PM

Conference Meet Schedule




Concorde/Liberty Conference Indoor Championship

February 5, 2016


Field Events



10:00 a.m.            Girls Long Jump (Open pit 1 hour, Concorde, then Liberty)

Boys Long Jump (Open pit 1 hour, Liberty, then Concorde)

Girls Shot Put (Concorde then Liberty, followed by boys)

Boys High Jump (Concorde then Liberty, followed by Concorde then Liberty Girls)

.     **** Pole Vault (combined Conferences Girls followed by Boys)

1:00 pm. Girls     Triple Jump Open Pit 1 hour Concorde then Liberty

                             Boys Triple Jump Open Pit 1 hour Liberty then Concorde


Track Events


Rolling Time Schedule, Girls race first in each event followed by Boys –55 hurdles it will be Liberty then Concorde - otherwise all events will go – Liberty girls, Liberty boys, Concorde girls, Concorde boys – this setup makes it much easier on the timing crew at the finish line and keeps them from having to switch back and forth between meets.


10:00 Liberty 3200 Meter Relay – 2 sections

10:30 Concorde 3200 Meter Relay – 2 section

11:00 Girls 55 Meter Hurdles – 6 sections – Liberty then Concorde

11:20 Boys 55 Meter Hurdles – 6 sections – Liberty then Concorde

11:40 Liberty 55 Meter Dash – 6 sections

12:00 Concorde 55 Meter Dash – 6 sections

12:20 Liberty 800 Meter Relay – 3 sections

12:40 Concorde 800 Meter Relay – 3 sections

1:00 Liberty 1600 Meter Run – 4 sections

1:25 Concorde 1600 Meter Run – 4 sections

1:55 Liberty 500 Meter Dash – 9 sections

2:25 Concorde 500 Meter Dash – 6 sections

2:50Liberty 1000 Meter Run – 5 sections

3:15 Concorde 1000 Meter Run – 5 sections

3:40 Liberty 300 Meter Dash – 10 sections

4:10 Concorde 300 Meter Dash – sections

4:35 Liberty 3200 Meter Run – 4 sections

5:30 Concorde 3200 Meter Run – 2 sections

6:00 Liberty 1600 Meter Relay – 4 sections

6:20 Concorde 1600 Meter Relay – 2 sections 

Team News

2 years ago @ 3:51PM

1st Practice - Monday, 11/9

Our first practice will be Monday, 11/9 at 3:30 pm on the track. 

Your required forms need to be turned in before you can practice.

We’ll be doing assessments/time trials in the following events:  100m, 400m, 1600m, Long Jump & Shot put.

Remember to wear clothing appropriate for cooler weather.

Practice the remainder of the week will start at 3:30 pm.

Team News

2 years ago @ 3:53PM

Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field Team Spirit Wear is Now Available




Password:   trackFHS  (Case Sensitive)




Team News

2 years ago @ 4:17AM

Don't Forget To Fill Out Your Forms!


Below is a list of forms that need to be completed and turned in to either the Trainer or the Athletic Director's Office, or submitted online:

1. Physical

2. Emergency Care

3. Student/Parent Concussion Education

4. Extracurricular Participation Policy

5. Communicable Disease Information Sheet
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