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Team News.

Team News

3 years ago @ 4:46AM


This summer everyone who wants to join our fall cross country team will be required to run a set amount of miles each week and record their miles in our team log.  Mileage goals and weekly plans will be posted towards the end of May.

We will offer a series of "green-day" runs during the summer at local parks.

From Aug 3-14 and Aug 24-Sep 4, we will hold 2 hour preseason practices, meeting at the school and local parks.

From Aug 17-22, we will hold our team sleepover camp.  This year we are going to the Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, VA (10 miles south of Front Royal).  We'll stay in cabins, run trails, play games, and swim.  Participants must meet summer mileage goals and have qualified for the team.  Expected cost $250 per student.  Reservations must be submitted between May 1 - June 30.  We will hold a few fundraisers this summer to help defray some of the camp costs.  Check the following website for a camp map and videos of the trails:

Link to videos of the cabins (scroll down to click on picture that says VA State Park Cabins):


Team News

4 years ago @ 5:53AM

***2015 TEAM TRYOUTS***

Team tryouts will run from Monday, August 3 through Friday, September 11.  During this time, we will have 2 hour practices each weekday consisting of warmups, drills, distance run, group games, and team building exercises.  To make the team, individuals must meet the team standard in a 2 mile time trial which will be run on Friday of each week. Team standards: Boys (Sophomores-Seniors - 14 min, Freshmen - just need to run non-stop). Girls (Sophomores-Seniors - 16 min, Freshmen - just need to run non-stop). Once an athlete meets the time standard, they will be on the team.

Team News

8 years ago @ 12:50PM


REQUIRED FORMS - All athletes must turn in the following forms before they will be permitted to practice with the team. If your forms are complete and you and a parent have completed  the concussion education online program, your name will appear under Team Roster on our website.  If you need to know which forms are missing or incomplete, please send me an email. These forms can be found by clicking on FILES at the top of the page. Your completed forms should be put in order, place them in an envelope and deliver them to Coach Whalley in room C-137 before the first period of the day. You will NOT be permitted to practice until all these forms are received and checked.

1. Athletic Participation & Physical Examination form - Requires you get a physical exam after May 1, 2015.  Must use FCPS 2013 form.

2. Emergency Care Information - Requires you to list phone numbers of people to call in an emergency.

3. Extra-curricular Participation Policy - Get 2015-16 version from Team Files.

4. FCPS Communicable Disease Information Sheet

5. Off-Campus Running form – expected behavior while running off the school campus

6.  X-Country Field Trip to Local Parks Permission Form

Health Insurance: All athletes must have health insurance. If you do not, you may purchase school accident insurance for approximately $17 for the school year from the following school provider. Go to the following  FCPS insurance link and click on the Accident Insurance Form.  Print a copy of your receipt and turn it in with your physical.

Concussion Awareness Education Program: All student-athletes AND one of their parents/guardians are required by Virginia law to participate EVERY school year in a MANDATORY concussion education program. This online video program must be completed by both the student and parent/guardian prior to the student participating in any open Summer Practice or on any FCPS sponsored team. The FCPS concussion education program is available online at

Optional permission Forms:

A. Student permission to ride in car of another student (When going to off-site practice areas)

B. Student or parent driver information (information required in order to drive other team members)

(These forms can all be obtained by clicking on Team Files.)

REQUIRED SUPPLIES:  A running watch and water bottle must be brought to every practice since we run based on time and run places with no water.  The running watch should have a chronometer function which allows you to time the length of your runs.  Simple models are available at Wal-Mart and Target for approximately $10 and more elaborate models run $20-40.  My preference is the Timex Ironman series because it is waterproof, provides 50 splits (intermediate times during a run), and has an alarm.

Team News

4 years ago @ 5:51PM

***2015 TEAM OVERVIEW***

Cross Country (X/C) is a Fall team sport and takes place from Aug. 3 – Nov. 14.  Races are run through woods and fields on dirt, gravel and grass trails and are typically 3 miles or 5 kilometers.  In each race, team members start together and aim to run the course in the shortest time possible.  Team scores are based on the finishing places of the top 5 team members.  The lowest team score wins.  Varsity meets usually involve between 10-50 schools and are held on Saturday mornings; JV races involve 3-4 schools and are held on Wednesday afternoons.  Our goals are to win the Conference Championships, help everyone to develop their strength and stamina and to achieve personal time and place goals.

VARSITY & JV SQUADS - The Varsity squad consists of the top 10 runners and the JV squad of the remaining members of the team.  Squads are determined by individuals’ times in races and time trials.  Everyone gets to run in the meets; there is no bench in cross country.  Boys’ and girls’ squads race separately though frequently train together.  Both squads are open to FHS students in grades 9-12 who have parental and doctors permission to participate.  Students must have passed 5 classes last year and taking 5 classes this coming year.

PRACTICES - The team practices every school day from 3:30-5:30 pm.  We usually meet at school and run to local parks for hill training, speed intervals, form drills and games, such as capture-the-flag & ultimate Frisbee.  Our meeting place unless specified otherwise, is outside the field house in the alcove facing the track by door #19. Requirements to practice: 5 forms listed under Team Requirements, Concussion Education completed, running watch ($9 at Wal-Mart), water bottle (we run to parks that don’t have water fountains).

Running apparel: running shoes, shirt (preferably dri-fit or easy-wicking), running shorts

SUMMER RUNNING – Everyone who plans to participate in Cross Country in the Fall should run over the summer to build up their strength and endurance.  We’re also planning some group runs for those that are in town over the summer and want to run with others.  See the section below for more details.

NEXT STEPS – Please (1) contact me to let me know that you’re interested in the team.  (2) Complete the team requirements listed below.  (3) Run over the summer and join in some summer team runs.  (4) Sign up for a team training log.  (5) Get a running watch.

Coach Mark Whalley             703-625-5234 (cell  #)  

Team News

3 years ago @ 5:34PM


The following items are available for purchase.  Quantities are limited.  We will accept cash or checks made out to “Fairfax HS”.  All proceeds will go to support our X-Country and Track programs.

XC & Track Sweatshirts


XC DryFit T-shirts


XC & Track Cotton T-shirts


Nylon stretch warmup pants


Track cotton sweat pants


Nylon warmup pants


XC & Track mesh shorts


Woven hats


FHS Draw String backpacks


FHS Waterbottles


Hair Pre-wrap























Team News

5 years ago @ 3:06AM


Running Logs:   Everyone is requested to create a free account in, register for the Fairfax XC team, and record your daily mileage, running route and time.  The system will total up your weekly mileage and track your progress throughout the season.  The team accounts allow you to see the logs of other members of your team, but are hidden from outsiders.  Please go there, register yourself and request to be added to one of the teams.   You will need to enter the team name and ID #.  Setting up your individual account is automatic but connecting to the team takes about a day to process. 
TEAM NAME        

REBEL XC-B    T-15009080006-11 (for boys)
REBEL XC-G    T-15009085606-13 (for girls)

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:01AM


Here are time targets to work towards for varsity athletes:

Time Targets



Top 15 at Conference

16:46 (3 mile)

19:22 (3 mile)

Top 15 at Regionals

15:29 (3 mile)

18:03 (3 mile)

Top 15 at State

15:58 (5K)

18:30 (5K)

Team News

4 years ago @ 5:41AM


Wondering why people run and how do some get so good?  Here are some favorite books about some of the outstanding distance runners in the world.  Most of these are available at a Fairfax County Public Library.

Running with the Legends by Michael Sandrock    - 796.42

The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb – 796.42

Pre:  The story of America’s Greatest Distance Runner by Tom Jordan  - Biography

Sub 4:00 – Alan Webb and the quest for the Fastest Mile by Chris Lear – Biography

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe

Team News

3 years ago @ 5:37PM


For x-country training, we recommend that athletes wear distance running shoes designed for training on roads and trails.  This means they’re made of lighter materials than basketball or tennis shoes, and have strong shock resistant properties to protect against leg injuries.  Running shoes are adapted to 3 kids of feet/running styles.  Those with high arches (requiring more flexibility), those with flat feet (requiring more stability), and those with severe pronation (rolling of the foot).  Most running stores can watch you run a few strides around the store or on a treadmill and assess your running style.  Then they can recommend shoes according to your style and foot strike.  Most training shoes are designed to provide proper shock absorption and wear for 500 miles which equates to 3-4 months for our veteran runners and 5-6 months for our newcomers.

I recommend training shoes which are moderately priced ($70-100).  Popular brands are Asics, Saucony, Brooks, Nike and New Balance.  Nike tends to run more expensive.

For x-country races, athletes can wear one of many special racing shoes:

  1. X-country spikes – have rubber tread, removeable metal spikes (1/4-5/8”), ¼ inch of cushioning, and no plastic spike plate.
  2. Distance track spikes – usually a lighter, thinner sole than x-country spikes, , removeable metal spikes (1/4-5/8”), ¼ inch of cushioning, and sometime a plastic spike plate
  3. X-country spikeless racers – similar to x-country spikes but without the metal spikes.
  4. Road racing flats – very light weight, blown foam, very little rubber, ¼-1/2 inch of cushioning, flat or very little tread on the sole

Athletes should consider whether they plan to run track and if so may want a racing shoe they can use for both types of races.  Those only running x-country, may favor option 1 or 3.

Racing shoes range from $50-100+.  The $50 models are ok for most high school runners, though some top runners prefer some of the more expensive models.

Here are 3 models of moderately priced x-country spikes which Pacer’s Running Store carries:

  • Saucony Kilkenny XC 5:  rubber sole, metal spikes, $60
  • Nike Rival XC:  rubber sole, metal spikes, $65
  • New Balance XC 900: rubber sole, metal spikes, $85

Most of our x-country meets are run on grass, dirt and light gravel surfaces which can accommodate ¼-5/8” spikes depending on how wet the ground is.  Everyone will run at least 2 races and maybe 3 at Burke Lake which includes 1 mile of asphalt road.  For this course, runners usually remove the metal spikes and put in blanks or run in spikeless racers (option 3 or 4).

I also found a website which offers the girls’ Saucony Kilkenny XC spikes for teams and we can get a group discount which would reduce the price to $25 per pair.  I will send out a survey message to see which girls are interested in going in on a group purchase and what size they would like.  These should arrive before our first race.

Team News

3 years ago @ 4:05PM

***2014 SEASON SURVEY***

End of 2014 Season Survey – If you missed our wrapup meeting, please complete our short survey to give your feedback on your season.  Go to:  Thanks.


Team News

4 years ago @ 3:26PM


Summer Camps:  Here is a list of running camps in the Shenandoah foothills offered to high school runners at a moderate fee.


Team News

7 years ago @ 3:18PM


RACING SPIKES - I visited Pacers and see that several shoe manufacturers have made lighter x-country racing spikes. I would recommend a shoe with all rubber sole (no plastic spike plate up front), 1/4-1/2 inch cushioning in the heel, removeable metal spike (get 3/8" and 5/8" spikes). Good choices $55-60: Nike Zoom Waffle XC, Adidas XCS, Saucony Kilkenny XC3, Asics Hyper XC. High end choices ($90-110): Nike Forever XC, Nike Victory XC. Both Pacers and VA Runners stores will offer you a 15-20% discount if you tell them you are on your HS x-country team. If you know your sizing in a specific model, you can look for discounts from the following websites:
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