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FHS AThletics - Rebel Pride

Home of the Rebels

FHS AThletics - Rebel Pride

Team News.

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:44PM


The Football program will no longer accept Senior & Junior players for the 2014 season, unless they are transfers.

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:22PM


Rebel Football Players and Parent(s) / Guardian(s):

Welcome to another season of Rebels Football!  The following information provides an informational and philosophical framework for Fairfax High School Football.  The Rebel football program is a competitive athletics program offering varsity, Junior Varsity and freshman level teams for students in 9 – 12 grades. The Freshman Squad is strictly 9th graders, the Junior Varsity Squad will be determined by ability and depth of certain positions and will consist of primarily sophomores and juniors.  The Varsity may consist of all players 9th through 12th grade.  A tradition of success and excellence has been established for Fairfax football. Our program’s goal is to be the top football team in our district at each level of competition.  With success and ambitious goals come high expectations from our program’s athletes.  Fairfax High School football players will be disciplined and fundamentally sound, with an emphasis on fun, character, playing the game right, and working hard.  We will achieve the most when players are playing football the way it was meant to be played while enjoying their experience and building memories that will last a lifetime.

After leaving the field Fairfax football players should be recognized as not only good football players, but respectful, classy gentlemen. Players and parents are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity and time spent competing in high school athletics. Be proud members of the football program, constantly strive to improve and find ways to help your team, but remember to keep high school sports in the proper perspective.

Parents, the football program relies on your support and a willingness to volunteer to ensure a successful program. Please be involved in the team meals, the snack bar and help in any way you can. But please also remember to help for the right reasons – the support your son’s team.

In this pre-season program handbook, you will find an assortment of information attempting to improve communication and expectations between coaches, parents and players. If you have any additional questions, please email me at or call 703-219-2242.

The coaches are looking forward to working with all of you and another great Fall of Rebel Football!

I’M IN!,

Kevin Simonds

Varsity Football Coach

Fairfax High School

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:35PM


Mission Statement

The mission of the Fairfax High School Football program is to develop young men of high moral character that will make a positive contribution in our school and community, and to maximize the athletic potential of each individual student-athlete within the framework of the team concept. We want to build CHAMPIONS on and off the field.

Program Overview

  • Program description: Competitive football played at the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman levels.
  • Length of Season: VAR: 10 weeks (not including playoffs) beginning August 6th and the JV & Freshmen will have 2 scrimmages and an 8-week season.
  • Practice times: Prior to school 7:00am – 1:00pm for Varsity and JV, 7:00am – 10:00am for freshman.  During school 3:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Eligibility requirements:  Must meet VHSL, FCPS guidelines, be in good standing with the Fairfax HS and meet team eligibility requirements.

Football Contact Information:

Kevin Simonds (Varsity Coach and Assistant Director of Student Activities):

(703) 219-2242

Please Contact me for all levels. I will forward the message to the proper coaches.

Team Placement:

Placement on the Varsity, JV and Freshman Squad is dependent on many factors. Some of the factors the coaching staff considers includes: Character, practice attendance, attitude, coachable, work ethic and ability.

Freshman and JV Levels: No cutting on the freshman level and there is little if no cutting on the JV level. Cutting on the JV team will be based on safety of the player first and then their attitude and work ethic for the team.  Athletic teams at Fairfax High School are competitive, not primarily recreational as in the Middle School or Youth Leagues. The purpose of 9th grade and JV athletics is to continue to develop players for varsity play. We, as a staff, will try to play all participants if possible, but not necessarily on an equal basis with all other players. Players have different skill levels, attitudes, and levels of commitment, and these factors will be considered in earning playing time.

Varsity Team:  A program for our most elite athletes. Seniors are the only ones who will not play at the JV level.  Playing time is given to those who demonstrate great dedication, character, football skill and those who make the TEAM better and competitive.  We feel that the player who makes the team better, is better than the best player.

Fundamentals of Good Sportsmanship

a. Show respect for the opponent at all times

b. Show respect for the officials

c. Know, understand, and uphold the rules of the contest

d. Maintain self-control at all times

e. Recognize and appreciate skill in performance regardless of affiliation

f. Show a positive attitude in cheering and supporting

Lettering and Award Policies:

To earn a varsity letter, a player must play in 18 quarters or have a significant contribution to the Rebels Special Teams units during the season. Coaches may also make lettering decisions based on their discretion – considering factors such as attendance, attitude, work ethic, and behavior.

The varsity coaches vote and award the following honors each year:

? Most Valuable Player Offense and Defense

? Coaches Rebel Award

? M.V.T. Most Valuable Teammate

? Iron Rebel Award



There will be 3 - 4 Team Captains chosen for the Varsity team.  1 Team captain will be chosen by the coaches, The second and third captain will be chosen by their teammates and if there is a 4th Captain it will be a weekly rotation based on practice involvement and spirit.  Captains are relied on to communicate between coaches and players and provide necessary leadership and organizational duties.

Team Rules and Expectations:

The following is an outline of a variety of areas concerning expectations of Rebel football players.


a. Good students

b. Good athletes

c. Players with good attitudes

d. Team players

e. Players who want to get better and work hard



a. Look respectable, Jerseys tucked in.  Must wear only VHSL approved gear.

b. No jewelry on the field (VHSL rule) during practices or games

c. Following FCPS/Fairfax dress code.


a. Everything is done as a team in an organized fashion (Stretching, running, throwing, set-up, pick-up, etc.)

b. All absences need to be communicated – 3 UNX absences can result in dismissal from the team.

c. You must call Coach Simonds or see your position coach in person


a. Respect the game!

b. Swearing will be strongly discouraged

c. Hustle at all times

d. Positive chatter- no criticism on the field, no criticism of opponents

e. Always keep composure

f. Remember we are representatives of the school and community

g. NO hazing or picking on teammates

h. NO substance use (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)

i. Avoid dangerous situations

  • Do not play if you are unable to keep this pledge
  • These rules are in effect 365 days a year


a. Maintain minimum passing grades (2.0 GPA)

b. Proper, respectful conduct and behavior in the classroom

c. School attendance - Student-athletes must be in school (and on time to each class) everyday.  Exceptions to this are family emergencies or pre-arranged appointments (arranged through the attendance office)

Suspensions or detentions:

  1. Players may be benched or suspended from play for infractions of any of the policies above, or for behavior unbecoming of a Rebel athlete. Examples of such behaviors include but not limited to:  violations of the law, poor sportsmanship, and behavioral issues.
  2. We will follow the Fairfax HS SR&R.
    • 1st offense will result in loss of starting position or loss of playing time.
    • 2nd offense will result in a suspension from the team or game(s) and a meeting with Coach Simonds and/or parents.
    • 3rd offense will result in dismissal from team.  


  1. Communication is very important. Parents/Guardians should discuss all issues with your athlete first, and then contact the team’s coach if necessary. Coaches have an open door policy but we want to talk to the players first.
  2. No player of parent should approach coaches before, during, or after a game
  3. to discuss an issue.  Parents should discuss any issue with their child before contacting a coach or the Athletic Director.
  4. After talking to their child, parents may request to talk to a coach the following day.
  5. If the issues have not been resolved, then the Athletic Director will intervene.
  6. If the issues are still not resolved, then the Principal will be consulted.

Appropriate Concerns to Discuss with Coaches:

  • The treatment of your child, mentally and physically.
  • Ways to help your child improve.
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior

Issues Not Appropriate to Discuss with Coaches:

  • Playing time
  • Team strategy
  • Play calling
  • Other students / athletes

Team News

3 years ago @ 4:40PM



1.       Choices – all players have control over the choices that they make.

2.       Man in the Mirror – take responsibility for your own actions; don’t blame others or make excuses.

3.       Respect – you need to respect yourself, parents, teachers, coaches, teammates, classmates, and the game.

4.       Coachable – be willing to listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions; learn from your mistakes and trust your teammates and coaches to do their jobs.

5.       Integrity – be honest with yourself and others; do the right thing

6.       Goals – set personal goals on and off the field.

7.       Work Ethic – take pride in your work and give your best effort all the time; your switch is always on.

8.       Self Confidence – you must believe in yourself that you can accomplish your goals with a great work ethic.

9.       Adversity – football and life will not always go as you want; you must handle adversity and criticism.

10.     Commitment – you must commit to becoming the best you can be at everything you do in life or you will never reach your full potential.
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